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Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Inside the House

Rodents make their way into your house through small holes and cracks. Therefore, remember to seal these holes and cracks to prevent them from entering your house. Also remember not to leave any garbage uncovered, as they are an important food source for rodents. The best way to get rid of rodents is to restrict the storage of garbage inside the home. So dispose garbage as soon as possible or use containers with tight lids for dumping garbage. Do not leave any food item uncovered. They should be stored in tight rodent-proof containers. The same applies to your pets' food items. Any leftover food should be kept in containers or disposed off. Keep your kitchen and dining areas clean, and make sure that any spilled food is taken care of. Kitchen utensils should also be cleaned immediately after use. As rodents and their excreta are the carriers of many dangerous diseases, cleaning these immediately will cut down the risk of such diseases. The areas which the rodents frequent, should be cleaned with disinfectants. Do not sweep or vacuum such places that contain rodents feces or urine, unless you have disinfected the whole area. While dealing with dead rodents and rodent excreta, always wear gloves. We use cage trapping, glue trapping and poison baiting for rodent control.

Rodent Control Outside the House

While keeping the inside of your house clean to keep it free from rodents, you should not forget the outside or surrounding of your house. Your compost bin or any abandoned items like wood piles, can serve as shelter for the rodents. Therefore, always use a tight lid to cover the compost bins and keep wood piles and abandoned vehicles and tires away from the vicinity of your home. The bushes and shrubs of your garden can also provide shelter to rodents. Also keep the lawn grass short by mowing it at regular intervals. You can use traps like spring or glue traps, in some areas where rodent activities are suspected. Check these traps regularly and if you find dead rodents, immediately spray disinfectant over them. Then dispose them in properly sealed plastic bags and do not forget to wear gloves.


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