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Bug Control

Bug Control

A bed- bug is a parasite that lives on blood and can be the cause of great irritation. Our bed bug control helps you to rid of these nocturnal blood sucking parasites.

Bed bug control is indeed possible. There is no question that having a bed bug infestation is one of the most unpleasant situations that a family can go through and thus bed bug control becomes very important. They are not as widespread as they once were, largely due to some radical and widespread bed bug control methods employed five or six years ago. This coupled with an increased awareness of the need to increase standards of cleanliness in the home has reduced the infestation but bed bugs can still strike here and there. There are two things to be defined if we want to answer the question "is a bed bug bad" and if so why.

First of all a bed bug is a tick, a parasite that lives of the blood of animals and occasionally people. They are nocturnal creatures, who seek out warm places to hide and rest and come out only occasionally to hunt their prey hence the need for bed bug control is limited. There are probably trillions of trillions of them around in nature, and in actual fact the proportion of them that actually make the move into the big time of a domestic environment is probably minute. Most of them live in nature in fields and live off cattle and wild animals. They cannot be described as bed bugs as they have never seen a bed, or a couch or a carpet. The point is that bed bugs cannot be described as bad, because they are only doing what nature has taught them to do. That is to feed of what they can, how they can in order to survive and multiply. I am sure that if we ever met a bed bug and were capable of having a form of conversation with it, we would discover that it is not a bad insect and not necessarily one to have to control to a great extent.


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